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Laundry is a BREEZE…

when you have a clothesline pulley system from Skyline Enterprises.

What is a clothesline pulley system?

I am so glad you asked! It is a unique and innovative way to hang laundry.

One pulley is mounted to the side of your house or a post and another pulley is attached to the barn, another building or a post- up to 150 feet away.

A galvanized cable connects the two, making your laundry free to dry in the warm breeze and sunshine.


“I installed our Skyline clothesline this year and we are loving it. The people at Skyline Enterprises were great to work with and set me up with what I needed. Good products and good people, can’t beat that.”
Douglas Simmons

“We received our clothes line kit and it was an easy install. Very nice product and great costumer service. Thank you.”
Mike Stump

Save energy by air drying your laundry.

Save energy by air drying your laundry.

We make hanging laundry a breeze by using our pulley clothesline and elevator pole to raise it up out of the way.

Save energy by air drying your laundry

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Make Hanging Laundry a Breeze!