If you’re old enough, you might remember growing up in a home where your parents chose to air dry laundry. While you might be tempted to think nobody does this anymore, there are many families that use a pulley clothesline to keep up with this tradition!

However, air drying your laundry is more than just a cute habit. There are actually several distinct benefits to using a clothesline instead of a dryer.

1. Save Energy
One of the greatest advantages of using a clothesline is that it helps you dramatically reduce your home energy costs. Clothes dryers use a lot of energy, especially for larger families that need to run several loads of laundry each week. Choosing to air dry laundry can cut your yearly energy expenses by over $200!

2. Natural Whitening
Exposure to sunlight has a natural bleaching and disinfecting effect, perfect for helping your white sheets and clothing maintain their brightness. You won’t need to buy chemical bleach anymore!

3. Odor Removal
Many homeowners use dryer sheets or fabric softener in an attempt to remove odors from sheets and clothing. With a clothesline, you won’t need these products, as the fresh air fills your laundry with a naturally fresh scent.

4. Gentle Drying
The heat and tumbling of a dryer can cause strain, wear, and shrinkage of clothing fabrics. In many cases, too many trips to the dryer can ruin clothing altogether. Hanging your laundry on a pulley clothesline is a gentler solution that will help your clothes last longer.

5. Reduced Fire Risk
In the United States alone, clothes dryers contribute to over 15,000 house fires each year. Choosing to air dry your laundry on a clothesline will completely eliminate this risk.