As helpful as new technology can be, there are several good reasons why an increasing number of people are using a mounted clothesline to air dry laundry. Here’s a look at why you should air dry laundry.

  1. Save Money Conventional dryers use quite a bit of electricity — so it stands to reason that air drying your clothes can help you save money. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, your electric clothes dryer is responsible for 6% of your yearly energy use. That extra money could be going toward something else!
  2. Reduce Your Environmental ImpactCutting down your energy use doesn’t just help your wallet — it also helps the environment. When you air dry laundry, you avoid using the resources that provide electricity for your home. This will reduce your carbon footprint.
  3. Protect Your Clothes Over time, a tumble dryer will wear out the fibers of your clothing. Using a mounted clothesline prevents this wear and tear, while exposure to outside air will help your clothes smell better. Sunlight can even be used to disinfect and bleach white clothing.
  4. Improve Your WellbeingIt may only take a few minutes, but the extra energy you use to line dry your clothes does provide a small amount of exercise — an easy way to improve your physical fitness. Getting outside in the sunshine can also be a therapeutic, calming experience that helps you better deal with the stresses of the day.
  5. Help Your Home Finally, choosing to air dry laundry can create a safe, healthy home environment. First and foremost, this practice eliminates the risk of a dryer fire, which could cause serious damage. In addition, using an indoor drying rack during the winter can increase your home’s humidity levels, which will help your family stay healthy.