The benefits of line drying your laundry can seem obvious. Yet despite those obvious benefits many still use their dryer. Here are six reasons to switch over and use a clothesline sooner, rather than later.

  1. Hanging your clothes out on a clothesline is good for your bottom line. An average household dryer can cost an estimated $200 annually to run. It may seem a small amount, but it all adds up.
  2. Line drying enhances the freshness of your clothes between helping eliminate odors, and leaving your clothes smelling more like nature.
  3. Putting your clothes in the dryer to tumble and toss causes wear and tear on your clothes. Hang drying them extends their lifespan.
  4. Placing your clothes to dry on a clothesline promotes a healthy lifestyle as exercise you can perform without even leaving your home. Not to mention this time can present a peaceful outdoor activity.
  5. Line drying helps to prevent fire risks caused by tumble dryers.
  1. And during the cold, winter months using an indoor clothesline can help put more humidity inside your home when the air is driest and your nasal passages feel it most.