Once you’ve finished cleaning a load of laundry in the washing machine, you’re only half of the way through properly cleaning them.

Hint: the next step is to properly dry that load of clothes out in order to finish the cleaning process and to help reduce wrinkles.

One method of drying clothes is using a drying machine. But in order to properly dry laundry in the dryer, you first must sort through the clothes by weight and fiber content. The reasoning is that heavier clothes require more time (and energy) in the dryer when compared to lighter clothes.

Also you need to select the proper heating temperature on your dryer to adequately dry your clothes. And make sure you shake your clothes before putting them in the dryer and either hang or fold them when done drying.

On the other hand when air drying on a clothesline, there’s not as many parameters to consider when putting your clothes in a dryer. With air drying your clothes and laundry, the biggest consideration is hanging clothes at the hems and to no hang colored clothes directly in the sun (to prevent the colors from fading).

In fact, air drying your laundry helps reduce wrinkles, static cling, and means you have a reduced fire risk (there’s no lint trap to clean out after every dryer use).