It’s that time of year where the snow and ice has melted and Mother Nature is starting to wake up from her winter slumber. You know the phrase: April showers bring May flowers. Grass is growing, trees are regaining their leaves, and color is popping back up, well, everywhere. But while those April showers are helping bring life back into nature, they make it tough to air dry laundry.

Check the local weather forecast to plan ahead which days you should do laundry, while being able to hang clothes outside on an Amish clothesline or other DIY clothesline. Also, plan your laundry chores for early in the day. The best part of the day to air dry laundry is late morning and early afternoon when the sun is able to do its job. So getting laundry finished and ready to air dry clothes earlier in the day can help you avoid showers later in the day.

And if rainy weather is in the forecast, you can still use a mounted clothesline indoors near a heating source or another dry area of your home. Placing your clothes indoors near a dehumidifier can be another alternative. The most important thing to remember is to not forgot about your clothes outside when the rain comes.