Your mounted clothesline is ready for use, and you’ve already put your clothes through the washing machine. But do you really know how to air dry laundry? These tips will help you become a pro so that you get great results every time.

Clothespins are a commonly overlooked aspect of using a mounted clothesline, but the right clothespins can make a huge difference. Avoid buying low-end clothespins made from plastic. These tend to break down from exposure to heat and sunlight, meaning you’ll be replacing them more often than you’d like. Use more durable wood or plastic clothespins, and be sure to bring them inside after use. This way, you can prevent mildew buildup and other harmful weather effects.

The way you hang clothes will also have a big impact when you air dry laundry. Shake out each item before hanging it up to reduce wrinkles. Hanging pants and shirts upside down (by the cuff and hem, respectively) will help you achieve faster drying time and reduce clothespin marks. Similarly, socks should be pinned to the mounted clothesline by the toes for faster drying.

What about your fancy clothes? On a non-breezy day, put them on a clothes hanger, and then hang them on your clothesline to dry. This way, they’ll be ready for an easy transfer to your closet. By following these basic practices, you can ensure that your clothes look great every time you air dry laundry.