In modern life where our appliances and devices seemingly do more for us than ever before, drying clothes on a clothesline can seem quaint, outdated, or old-fashioned.

Yet there are in fact several benefits that you may not have considered.

Air drying laundry, first and foremost, is a saver of energy and money. Plain and simply why use an electric dryer when you can instead harness the power of the sun? Using a clothesline of any variety is an energy-saver over the modern dryer, which in turn saves money on utility costs or at the laundromat. But it also helps save the environment.

And let’s face it, in this day and age we can each use a bit more exercise and time spent outside, which hanging clothes to dry on the clothesline provides.

Air drying your clothes can provide some time outdoors, while leaving your clothes with a fresh scent and the sunlight helps disinfect your clothes and kill germs.

Sure, the sun can fade your coloreds (it’s not like your dryer won’t also do the same), but it can also lead to whiter whites.

Any way you slice it, air drying your clothes has countless benefits.