With the weather in Northeast Ohio changing for the better, it’s the time of year to focus on air drying laundry outside on a mounted clothesline or pulley clothesline, instead of using your standard dryer

And since you are now drying your clothes with the power of the sun, it’s important to understand the benefits of using Mother Nature instead of your typical, energy-wasting appliance.

Getting outside is first and foremost the greatest benefit to air drying laundry. The time to get outside for any activity (large or small) cannot be overstated.

Hanging your clothes outside is also a benefit towards extending the life of your clothing. Putting your clothes in the dryer leads to shrinking your favorite shirt (the proof is in the lint).

The sun also serves as an effective bleaching agent on your clothes, especially for organic stains on clothing items.

And of course if you hang your clothes outdoors to dry, the energy savings are helping to save the environment at large. With an estimated 88 million dryers in the United States alone (and each dryer emitting more than one ton of carbon dioxide alone) using a clothesline system has its benefits.

Utilizing a pulley clothesline helps you to achieve each (and all) of these benefits and more.