If you want your clothes to get dry quickly, then choosing the perfect time of the day is the best way to get them dry.

The late morning to early afternoon hours, between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., is the best time of day to hang your clothes out to dry. During this part of the day, the sunshine will adequately dry and disinfect your clothes.

The sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays (UV) are their strongest in this timeframe. UV rays are important as they will dry your clothes efficiently. But the sun’s UV rays are also what helps disinfect your clothes when they are hanging outside to dry.

Hanging your clothes outside to dry during this time of day is also beneficial for other reasons. For instance, during the summer months this part of the day is peak time for electrical use primarily when everyone has their air conditioners running.

If you can avoid using your washing machine — and instead finish your laundry earlier in the morning — you can save yourself from a hefty electrical bill and get your clothes on the clothesline for the perfect drying time.

Of course, you can hang your clothes outside on your clothesline anytime the weather is cooperating. But if you wish to dry them quickly and utilize the sunshine to disinfect your clothing, try these prime hours of the day for the best results.