There’s a variety of items in our households that need to be washed and dried on a consistent basis. Each article of clothing, blanket, or sheets needs to be maintained differently. So it should come as no surprise that everything you wish to air dry on a clothesline needs to be hung differently.

Here are some tips for how to hang some common household products on a clothesline.

Shirts and other tops should be hung on a clothesline by using pins on the bottom hems of the shirt at the side seam, in order to not stretch or wrinkle the shoulders. Another method would be to hang the shirt or top on a wooden hanger and to pin the hanger to the clothesline.

Pants should be pinned onto a clothesline with each leg separated, with the waist hanging down. This will help speed drying time. If space on the line is an issue, match the inner leg seams together and pin the hems to the line.

For sheets and blankets, fold them in half and pin the open ends to the clothesline in order to prevent creases. If it’s windy or the article is sagging, use an extra pin.

And towels and pillow cases should be hung by the corners.