Over the years, it’s been a consistent problem for anyone who has used a pulley clothesline—getting your fingers pinched while trying to work the pulley system. Naturally, the last thing anyone wants when using their mounted clothesline is to hurt their fingers, yet in the past, this problem occurred all too often.

Here at Skyline Enterprises, this was a chief area of concern when we first set to work designing our own pulley clothesline system. Preventing pulley-related pinches doesn’t just make your mounted clothesline easier to use—it’s also a matter of safety! After all, hurting your fingers can interfere with much more than your laundry.

The result of our testing and design work led to the development of our unique non-pinch finger guard. This valuable installation ensures that your fingers are protected from accidental harm as you use the pulley system. By removing this all-too-common risk, you can subsequently enjoy greater peace of mind as you air dry your laundry, knowing that your fingers are safe.