Here at Skyline Clotheslines, we pride ourselves on offering the best pulley clothesline systems around—and we’re always looking for ways to improve. These new features have made our latest clotheslines better than ever!

Non-pinch Finger Guard: Many homeowners have suffered pinched fingers while using their pulley clothesline system, but that doesn’t have to be a problem anymore! By including a non-pinch finger guard with our systems, you’ll never have to worry about this pesky problem while doing your laundry.

Cable Guides and Spring Locks: As convenient as a pulley clothesline may be, it’s not convenient when your laundry ends up all over the ground. To prevent this common mishap, Skyline Clotheslines make use of cable guides and spring lock mechanisms to keep your line from derailing — even during strong winds.

 Line Spacers: A source of extra structural support, line spacers are designed to help your pulley clothesline bear the burden of heavier laundry loads. Included with each of our Skyline Clotheslines, line spacers will keep your line from sagging even when you’re drying heavier items like sheets or blankets.