If you are one of the countless people around the world who hangs their laundry outside on a mounted clothesline or pulley clothesline, then you are well aware of the rewards that can be reaped from this.

So here are a few tips you should know (or already be doing) in order to maximize dry time and minimize your workload.

Take care of your accessories — the clothespins and clotheslines. With clothespins, try to use soft grip pins so they do not leave marks on your laundry. And if you use wooden clothespins make sure they are free of splinters that could damage your clothes or get stuck in your fingers.

Regarding your clotheslines, make sure your line is clean. It would be rather embarrassing (not to mention frustrating) to bring in your clean clothes only to see a dirty line down the middle. Plus, make sure your line is taut and at a comfortable height for you to place and remove clothes.

Another tip to help efficiently use your clothesline is to hang similar clothing items near each other on the line. This will make it easy to remove, fold, and group them together when you take them off the line.