It’s no secret that modern amenities have changed our daily lives, routines, and how we accomplish even the smallest of tasks.

Things today are faster than ever before and we can now cram more work, chores, and calls to back home to mom than ever before.

Yet, for all of our modern conveniences sometimes they present more issues than we care to think.

For instance, people throughout human history (until the invention of the electric dryer) used to hang their clothes on a clothesline to dry, instead of today’s norms.

Some may associate hang drying their clothes with manual labor, but if centuries of human history has taught us anything it’s there are ways to minimize work doing the laundry.

First thing is first — any clothesline, DIY, or otherwise — will do. Whether using a galvanized pole kit set in concrete, a pulley clothesline kit, or simply stringing a line between two trees, any form of clothesline will do based on your personal preferences.

Next, make an apron with some sort of pocket to contain clothes pins for convenience while working.

Remember to shake out the wrinkles before you hang up the wet laundry. Also, if possible, hang whites in the sun, and colored clothes in the shade. Do not let clothes freeze, in order to avoid damaging fibers or your colors to fade.