In present-day America, clotheslines have been given a negative connotation. They were looked down upon as “poor” or second-class. In response, many homeowners’ associations have banned the use of any device where people would hang dry their clothes outside.

But as more people learn about the benefits of hang drying their clothes outdoors, a counter-movement has developed to educate others about those benefits.

Non-profit organizations and activists have taken up the “right to dry” across cities and suburbs in order to allow people the opportunity to hang dry their laundry outdoors in order to save money, the environment, and their clothes. There is even a National Hanging Out Day which takes places every April.

Easy-to-use clothesline pulley systems like the ones manufactured by Skyline Enterprises are helping to reverse the trends and negativity surrounding clotheslines in certain areas of the country.

Our Amish clothesline pulleys help people get outdoors, reduce their environmental impacts, and lengthen the life of their clothes. They help laundry smell fresher than ever and naturally disinfect them without the use of chemicals.

As more people join the movement and switch to hang drying their laundry, we can help create a more sustainable ecosystem and reverse the negative connotations towards people who let their clothes hang dry.