Hanging your clothes outside to dry is a rewarding experience. Unfortunately, there is still a negative perception of this age-old tradition.

Here are some ways you can encourage your friends and family to join you and hang laundry outdoors to dry.

For starters, it’s important to remind others in your life that line drying your laundry is a sustainable option. Hanging clothes outside helps you reduce your energy usage and preserves the life of your clothes. By air drying laundry we can help reduce our overall impact on the environment.

Another positive effect of hang drying laundry on a clothesline pulley system is it can help your family’s bottom line.

Not only does reducing your energy usage help the environment, but it saves you money too. How many friends or family members do you have who wouldn’t love to save money on their utility bills?

Plus, by reducing your reliance on a clothes dryer you can reduce the chance of starting a fire in your home. Clothes dryers are one of the main culprits of household fires compared to other appliances.

Finally, hanging laundry outside to dry can provide a chance for friends and family to get outside on a beautiful day.

Despite these benefits to the environment, our wallets, and our well-being some people still do not hang dry their laundry outdoors. It’s important to encourage others by explaining these benefits and end the negative perceptions towards line-drying!