In this day and age, there is a growing awareness of the impacts our actions have on the environment. And often times, environmental issues also have a correlation to our finances which we may or may not be aware.

So working to minimize our personal carbon footprints is a big deal for both environmentalists along with budget-conscious consumers.

The United States Department of Energy estimates that 6 percent of electricity usage in homes  across the country goes towards dryers meant to dry your clothes.

A typical load of laundry costs roughly 30-40 cents in electric dryers; gas dryers cost about half of that.

So if you decide to air dry laundry, for instance on a mounted clothesline or a pulley clothesline,  you can work to minimize your carbon footprint by reducing your electricity or natural gas needs. This in turn will reduce the demand for these energy sources, but also save you valuable dollars.

Even though you might not want to completely abandon your dryer, if everyone used a clothesline once a week, we could greatly reduce our total carbon footprint and save thousands of dollars in the process!

We only have one planet Earth, so it’s important to take steps to protect it whenever we can!