Air drying our clothes on a clothesline has numerous benefits, such as saving money and energy, while giving you an opportunity to get outside for a bit.

There are some items in fact that should not be hung outside on the clothesline though.

Clothing items such as jackets, sleeping bags, and comforters — all of which contain down inside them — are not recommended for air drying. That’s because down the material helps keep us warm because it’s effective in keeping cold air off us.

But that only can happen when it’s fluffy. Unfortunately, hanging articles of clothing or comforters on a clothesline causes down to lump or flatten out and thereby reduces its effectiveness.

Sweaters should not be hung out to dry on a line either; instead lay them flat to avoid stretching them.

And lastly, keep in mind that while many love the outdoors, some people struggle outside when things like pollen get into clothes.

If your household has people with allergies, hanging clothes outside to dry may lead to issues down the road and offset any positives from using a clothesline.