When it comes to doing laundry, everyone has tons of best ways to get clothes clean or methods passed down from generation to generation. This has led to several widespread myths about how to actually get your laundry clean.

Let’s review a few common myths regarding laundry.

There is a common myth that using more detergent with your laundry can help get your clothes cleaner. This is in fact not true. You should always use the recommended amount of detergent on each load. If you have an item that is stained, and the suggested amount of detergent didn’t remove it, then using more detergent won’t remove the stain either.

Along those same lines, another myth is that using detergent alone can remove most stains. This is true in certain cases. The general rule of thumb is the earlier you wash something after it gets a stain, the more likely it will come out. So if you are at home, you can get away with just detergent. But if you are out and about, you may need to try removing the stain as quickly as possible by other means, or else a simple wash when you get home won’t work.

And a final myth is that cold water doesn’t get clothes clean as well as hot water does. That is not always true today. And it’s important to remember than many colors and fabrics require cold water instead. So ditch the hot wash when you can. Using less hot water will save on your energy costs too.