While almost everyone knows that using a pulley clothesline is a great way to lower your energy bills and reduce your impact on the environment, these are far from the only benefits you can enjoy when you air dry laundry. The following are just a few more ways that this practice can make a difference for your family:

Better on Your Clothes: Drying your clothes on a pulley clothesline has several great benefits for the clothing itself. Firstly, it helps reduce wrinkles and static cling, common issues that occur when you use a clothes dryer. Even more importantly, this gentle form of drying your clothes will help them last much longer, reducing wear and tear associated with dryer use.

 Get Exercise: Putting up and taking down laundry using a pulley clothesline isn’t an intense workout, but it can definitely help you get a bit more exercise than you would get by using a dryer. Better yet, it’s a great excuse to go outside and enjoy the sunshine—a fantastic way to stay healthy.

 Natural Bleach: Why spend money on bleach when you can let the sun do the work for you? Hanging white clothing in direct sunlight has a natural brightening effect, perfect for removing stains or simply helping your clothes look less dingy.