Our Amish clothesline systems at Skyline Enterprises are built with durability in mind, while also taking safety into account and creating an easy to use clothesline for anyone to enjoy.

Several key features make Skyline clotheslines stand out above other clotheslines.

For starters, the Skyline system features a unique non-pinch finger guard so your fingers can stay safe from getting pinched between the pulley and the cable.

Skyline clotheslines also include cable guides, which prevent derailing. Gone are the days of going outside only to see your clothes are not retrievable due to the cable having “jumped” off the pulley. So put away that ladder and have peace of mind it will stay functional since even in high wind the cable cannot derail.

Other features on Skyline clotheslines are ball bearing hubs, powdered coat finish, and a spring lock mechanism to help preventing the wind from “running away” with the laundry. It remains in place wherever you lock it to stay.

Skyline clotheslines also come equipped with line spacers (one in each kit) and of course you can add more if you desire in order to keep your line from sagging and putting undue strain on the pulleys. Our line spacers are designed to stay on the line once installed so you never need to search for them in your clothes basket or pin bag. Thus, the support you need it always available at your fingertips.

There are plenty of features that make Skyline clotheslines stand out above other lines.