When you receive your pulley clothesline kit from Skyline Clotheslines, you might be tempted to think you’ll need an engineering degree to get your new system set up! As many people have found—and as this article will explain—installing your new clothesline is much easier than you think.If you need to install a pole to mount your pulley clothesline kit, be sure to dig a hole that is deep enough to stabilize the pole. However, most homeowners are able to hook their clothesline to a barn, house, or tree, eliminating the need for this extra step.

 You’ll need to drill a hole in the surface where you’ll be installing your pulley so you can insert the J-hook at the desired height for your clothesline. Setting the “J” end of the hook into a second small hole will lock in the J-hook, keeping the pulley securely in place regardless of weather conditions. Next, simply loop the pulley onto the J-hook. You will need to do this on both ends of your line.

 Once the pulleys are in place, your next step is to feed the clothesline cable around the pulley, adding the line spacers as you do so. Feed the line to the other pulley and then bring it back to the original pulley, feeding any excess line through the tensioner. After tightening the cable, you can cut off some of the extra line with wire cutters or a bolt cutter.

 With the wire tightened, your Skyline Clothesline is ready to be used for your laundry! With only a small bit of work, you’ll have the perfect air drying system for your home.

 Still not sure what you need to do? You can watch the entire installation process here.