Have you ever wondered how Skyline Enterprises came to be? The story of how we developed our own pulley clothesline kit is rooted in family tradition, as well as a move from Canada to Ohio.

The basis for our pulley clothesline kit began when Leon and Ruth Martin and their family moved from Canada to Ohio. While Ruth had always been able to use a pulley clothesline at their home in Canada, the family was surprised to find that these systems were nowhere to be found in Ohio.

Leon set to work designing a prototype so his family could continue to dry their laundry as they had in Canada, and before long, he developed a working model. While the final design had to undergo some tests and improvements (all done in the basement), it didn’t take long before the Skyline Enterprises pulley clothesline kit was perfected with its unique features.

Since then, the family has expanded Leon’s prototype into the basis of a successful business. More and more families in Ohio and neighboring areas are discovering the benefits of hanging laundry. The entire family is closely involved in everything from logo design and product assembly to shipping out orders.

As a true family business in every sense of the word, the Martin family has made it easier than ever to hang dry your laundry.