Skyline Enterprises is a family-owned and operated company created by the Martin family. Leon, his wife Ruth, and their three daughters moved from Ontario, Canada to Ohio in 2013. But soon after arriving in the United States the family had a problem.

Ruth Martin enjoyed using her pulley clothesline system while the family lived in Canada when drying the family’s laundry. In Ohio, the family had a hard time finding an adequate clothesline system to handle the Martins’ laundry.

So, Leon designed his own Amish clothesline pulley. And out of that Skyline Enterprises was born.

But what sets a Skyline clothesline apart from others on the market?

Our clothesline pulley system stands out due to its unique design features to eliminate typical problems experienced when using a clothesline to dry your laundry.

First, our non-pinch finger guard for the clothesline pulley helps to eliminate any chance of pinching your fingers between the pulley and the cable.

Skyline systems also come equipped with cable guides for the clothesline which are used to keep the cable on the pulleys. We know how aggravating it can be to come outside to check on your laundry only to find the cable has become derailed from the pulley system and cannot be pull the line back to you.

And our system employs the use of line spacers for our clotheslines. Our line spacers are designed to stay on the cable once they are installed (so you never need to rummage through your clothes basket looking for them) and help keep the line from sagging due to heavy laundry loads, or from flipping over in the wind.

Skyline Enterprises’ clothesline systems are designed to last and eliminate any frustration you’ve had with other clotheslines. Check out our products page today to see how you can get started!