Across Ohio, temperatures and leaves are dropping. The change in seasons means colder days, leaf piles, and inclement weather.

Luckily you can still dry your laundry outside as the weather downshifts from summer to fall.

One way to still hang your laundry outside is to check the forecast and plan ahead for the days you can do your laundry. To effectively dry your clothes outside on a clothesline pulley system, you need sunlight and a light breeze. So, when autumn hits and the weather turns unpredictable, it’s a great idea for you to already know which day the sun will shine.

Knowing the forecast ahead of time and having a plan can also reduce future headaches.

There’s nothing worse than hanging freshly washed laundry on your clothesline only to have a rain storm come through your neighborhood.

If you prioritize the clothes you want to hang outside on your clothesline, you can effectively dry all of your clothes. For example, blue jeans take a long time to air dry. So, on days you only expect a few hours of sunlight, you may have to hang them up early in the day or even throw them in the dryer for a few minutes before you hang them up, or after you bring them in.

Lastly, if you sort your clothes and prep them for a washing the night before you can help maximize the time they are spent drying on your line.

With less reliable weather, it’s increasingly important to get the most out of any sunny or breezy days. By getting as much work on your laundry done early, you can still enjoy line drying your clothes outside when the seasons change!