Whether you live in the country, the suburbs, or an apartment in the city, there are ways to rig a clothesline up in order to air dry your laundry. And there’s plenty of good reasons to fix up a clothesline for yourself wherever you live.

Line drying your laundry provides numerous environmental benefits, as instead of running your dryer you can harness the most powerful energy source available — the sun.

Not only is the sun a more energy efficient drying source than that old dryer in your basement, the sun is also more gentle on your clothes.

It’s true. Air drying laundry is more gentle on your clothes, can make your whites even whiter, reduces wrinkles, reduces static cling, and also helps your clothes smell fresh like the outdoors.

Besides saving energy and your clothes, line drying also provides you an ample opportunity to get outside and get some exercise while hanging clothes on the line.

And finally, line drying your clothes can help your bottom line. Between saving on electricity costs running your dryer and longer-lasting clothes, line drying clothes on a clothesline can provide numerous benefits towards you and the rest of your household.