When it comes to installing a pulley clothesline kit, most homeowners know that they’ll be able to save on electricity costs and keep their clothing in better shape. But how long will it actually take to get everything dry? After all, knowing what to expect will make it easier to make air drying part of your routine.

First, it’s important to understand that there are several variables that can affect how long it takes to air dry laundry. Outdoor temperature, the humidity level, wind, and the amount of sunlight will all affect the drying time. In general, using your pulley clothesline kit on warm, sunny days with lower humidity levels and a slight breeze will get the fastest results.

Of course, the items you’re hanging up on your line will also vary in how long they take to dry. Keep in mind that thick items like jeans and sweaters often take twice as long to dry as thin sheets or t-shirts.

So what does this all mean for you? You can likely expect it to take two to four hours on average to air dry laundry. However, since there are so many weather variables in play, the exact time will vary depending on where you live and what you need to dry. Don’t be afraid to test different conditions to see what works best for you.