When checking out Skyline Clotheslines, you might wonder what makes our clothesline pulley system different from others you’ve seen in the past. Thanks to some unique design features, however, we can confidently say that our clotheslines have a lot to offer over other air drying options.

In addition to using a powder coat finish to make our clothesline pulley system more durable and rust-resistant, a few key design features help us stand out from the rest:

Non-Pinch Finger Guard: One of the dangers of a pulley system is getting your fingers pinched when hanging up or taking down the laundry. Skyline Clotheslines uses a unique finger guard that will protect you from these injuries.

Line Spacers: Line spacers are another unique feature of our clothesline pulley system. Our line spacers are a permanent part of your pulley system, providing extra strength and support so you can hang heavy loads on your line.

Spring Lock Mechanism: The last thing any homeowner wants is to come outside and find that the wind has blown away their laundry. Skyline Clotheslines make use of a spring lock mechanism that holds the pulleys and cable in place, eliminating this problem altogether.

What Are the Benefits of the Elevator Kit?
Air drying your laundry is a great option for many homeowners—but it’s not always easy when your only option is to hang your mounted clothesline across a driveway or another low-lying place. Thankfully, with the help of an elevator pole kit, low-hanging laundry won’t have to be a problem anymore.

An elevator pole kit connects seamlessly with your mounted clothesline, raising the line by up to an additional four feet to ensure that it is high off the ground. This is a great solution for homeowners who may otherwise have difficulty finding a place to hang their laundry.

The elevator pole kit is easy to set up and use. The pulley slides up and down the pole with ease, allowing you to set it at the desired height and easily put up or take down your laundry.

With the help of an elevator pole kit, almost every home can enjoy the benefits of air drying laundry. This handy addition to your mounted clothesline will make it easier than ever to get the job done.