If you are a homeowner without a lot of space in the backyard or elsewhere on your property to hang a clothesline for air drying laundry, you may feel it’s impossible to install a clothesline. If you feel your property size does not allow for a clothesline, there’s still an option out there.

A Skyline Enterprises elevator pole kit may be the perfect solution for people in need of maximizing their space and is suitable for all property sizes.

The Skyline elevator pole kit comes with a 4-foot galvanized pole and nylon rope specifically in order to lift your pulley system higher in the air when necessary.

The elevator pole kit was designed specifically for people who hang their laundry across a low place, such as a driveway. And it allows for your pulley clothesline to not get in the way of others who are using the space, such as your driveway.

With the elevator pole kit, homeowners with limited space are able to still enjoy all of the benefits of air drying laundry while keeping their spaces available for all uses. The Skyline Enterprises elevator pole kit ensures that air drying your laundry will be a breeze no matter what type of property you have.