Homeowners who wish to install their own pulley clothesline may sometimes ask themselves if they need any additional items to maximize the usefulness of their kit. Among the most commonly investigated add-ons is an elevator pole kit. But do you actually need this tool for your pulley clothesline?

Essentially, an elevator pole kit is designed for homeowners who would need to hang their laundry across a low place, such as a driveway. This 4-foot tall pole attaches to your clothesline kit to lift the line higher in the air. This ensures that your clothes won’t get in the way of others who might be using the area — after all, you wouldn’t want your pulley clothesline to block the driveway.

In general, an elevator pole kit is best for homeowners who have limited space available to air dry their laundry. Raising the laundry higher off the ground ensures that you can still use the area below it for other purposes. This way, no matter what type of property you have, you can still enjoy the benefits of a pulley clothesline.