When you air dry laundry during the summer, you get to enjoy warm, sunny temperatures and light breezes that help your clothes dry naturally. But when winter arrives, you might be left wondering if you’ll ever be able to dry your clothes outdoors again. It is possible to use your clothesline during the winter—however, this time of year requires a bit of extra finesse.

Understanding the factors that affect drying is essential when using a clothesline in the winter. The weather will have a direct impact on your ability to air dry laundry, as heat, humidity, and wind can all affect drying conditions.

In general, you should try to use sunny, warmer days for drying your clothes. The colder it is outside, the more likely your clothing is to form frost. In humid conditions, the clothing might never get dry. Days with a slight breeze are usually better for drying your clothes in the winter, as this also helps clothing dry faster (even if your clothes might get frozen into an unusual shape).

As a rule, you should always take these weather factors into consideration when deciding whether to air dry laundry during winter. Remember, you can always use an indoor drying rack until outdoor conditions improve.