Before you install a clothesline pulley system there’s a key factor that will pay off when hang drying laundry outside — location, location, location!

There are a few important factors to consider as you establish the proper location for your clothesline.

To effectively hang your laundry outside to dry you need two ingredients, sunshine and a light breeze. It’s important to determine which spot in your yard gives you the most of both of these. Also, search for a location where you can tap into the early morning sun, instead of the afternoon sunshine, if you can.

You should also consider the layout of your yard as you search for the right location.

Think about how far away your clothesline is from the house or how private your clothesline is. The right location for your clothesline should help you can reduce the distance you need to haul heavy, damp clothes. Plus, if the best location for a clothesline does not give you a sense of privacy you should reconsider it.

Make sure you also consider the amount of space you have available to you.

For example, a large pulley clothesline kit comes with enough cable to install a 150-foot long clothesline. If you are cramped for space, Skyline Enterprises offers an elevator pole kit which can give you the option to raise your clothesline over a driveway (and out of the way).

Taking measurements and assessing where the ideal location for a clothesline will help you maximize your ability to dry laundry outside.