Here at Skyline Enterprises, we’re proud of the way our innovative clothesline pulley system has helped families rediscover the joy of air drying their laundry. But what is it that helps our clotheslines stand out from the rest? Here’s a closer look at some of the features that make our system great.

Non-Pinch Finger Guard: A common concern when using a clothesline pulley system is that you’ll pinch your fingers! Thanks to this helpful feature, your hands will always be protected when hanging up or taking down laundry.

Line Spacers: Line spacers are installed with each system to provide support that keeps the line from sagging. This innovative addition ensures you don’t have to try to locate and attach line spacers yourself each time you dry your clothes.

Elevator Pole: Do you need to hang your laundry across a low place? By adding an elevator pole to your clothesline pulley system, you can keep your clothes out of the way, even if you have limited space to work with.

Cable Guides & Spring Lock Mechanisms: The last thing you need is for high wind to derail your clothesline pulley system. We use cable guides and a spring lock mechanism to keep the line and pulley in place so your laundry doesn’t end up on the ground — no matter how windy it gets outside.