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What sets the Skyline clothesline system apart from others in the industry? Which pulley size will best suit your needs? You will find the answers to these questions in the following paragraphs.

As a general point of reference, the small set (8” pulley) is for line spans 75’ or less (150’ cable), the medium set is for line spans up to 100′ (200′ cable) and the large set is for line spans up to 150’ (300’ cable). The main advantage with the larger pulleys is the increased distance between the top and bottom lines, which greatly reduces the possibility of larger laundry items wrapping around the top line. This happens more easily on longer spans, and open areas where there is significant breeze.

One of the stand out features of the Skyline system is the non-pinch finger guard. With this new installation, you never have to worry about getting your fingers pinched between the cable and pulley again.

There is nothing more aggravating than to discover the cable has derailed from the pulley farthest from the house, now making it impossible to pull in the loaded line of clean and dry laundry. Thanks to our cable guides this problem is a thing of the past. No more trips out to the yard to re-cable your pulley.

Other features which make our Skyline pulley clothesline system stand out from the rest:

  • ball bearing hubs
  • high impact poly or aluminum wheels
  • powdered coated finish (which not only makes it rust resistant but more durable than just paint)
  • spring lock mechanism to lock the pulley – preventing the wind from carrying your laundry away.


All of these new and improved features make doing laundry a breeze!

Skyline system

What are Line Spacers? These are a unique, featured product to this new and improved Skyline clothesline system. You never have to find extra storage space for them or rummage through your clothespin basket in search of them again. When you purchase our Skyline clothesline pulley system, a line spacer is included. Others are available for purchase depending on your needs. But, unlike other systems, these line spacers remain on your line once installed and provide support at all times.

Line Spacers

If you hang your laundry across a driveway or any other low place, the Elevator Pole Kit was designed for you. It is a 4 foot galvanized pole that raises your clothesline up and out of the way. The metal components are powder coated for that rust resistance and durability. A nylon rope is included, along with easy to add to your clothesline kit instructions.

Elevation Pole Kit

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