A growing number of families (especially here in the United States) are turning to clothesline pulley systems or other methods of hang-drying their laundry.

Why is this happening?

For most of human history, clothes were hand-washed and dried outside in the sunlight. Since the industrial revolution several advancements in technology have changed how we clean our clothes. Cheap clothing options, an expanded the power grid, and affordable household appliances have made laundry easier to do.

But now, people are realizing the pitfalls of modern-day washing machines and dryers and are searching for alternatives.

People are searching for more time outdoors and in the sunshine. Hang drying our laundry is one way to do that, even if we can only get outside for 15 minutes to hang clothes on the line.

Many individuals have also come to learn of the energy usage that goes along with using modern appliances. Our household clothes dryer, for example, uses plenty of electricity or natural gas (depending on your specific model).

By hanging more loads of laundry outdoors on an outdoor clothesline pulley kit, we can reduce our energy usage and impact on the environment.

Plus, more families are realizing that in order to build for the future they need to save money where possible.

Reducing energy usage at home can help their pocketbooks, along with the environment.

People across the nation are seeing these positive benefits that come with hang drying their laundry outside. If you are not one of them yet, there’s still time to join the movement!