It’s not a common occurrence but every now and then some clothing items or delicates indicate they should be “hand wash only” instead of thrown into your washing machine.

If you are stuck on the best ways to wash “hand wash only” items, here are a few tips to help you clean (without damaging) those items.

Before you start hand washing these items, fill a clean sink, bath tub, or basin with warm water. Remember to clean out the area before filling it up with water so you can get your clothes as clean as possible.

Next, put in a few drops of a mild detergent, Ivory Liquid soap, or baby shampoo. Now you can gently swirl your clothing items in the water for a few minutes until they get soaped up.

If you happen to be washing any silk items, add a few drops of hair conditioner to help keep your items feeling silky smooth!

Now it’s time to rinse your clothing items thoroughly and to gently squeeze out the excess water.

And once you are done washing your “hand wash only” items, flat them on a flat surface to dry out.

Since cleaning clothes and other laundry items usually requires hot water to successfully kill those germs, it’s important to wash your hand with anti-bacterial soap in order to kill any germs before you spread them.

If your delicate items don’t specifically say “hand wash only” on the label, then you can indeed throw them into your washing machine on a gentle cycle. But it’s still important to know how to wash anything that can’t be properly washed in your washing machine!