Deciding upon the correct clothesline or dry-hanging system is a fun process, but requires a bit of forward thinking.

Perhaps the greatest consideration comes in the form of deciding where to place your clothesline. And to determine this you must first consider the space where you plan on placing your clothesline.

Q: What must I consider when setting up my clothesline?

A: Like anything in life, it depends. First consider which part of your yard you are setting up the clothesline. Remember, if possible, hang whites in the sun and coloreds in the shade. Pick the best location for each.

Next, if you are making a DIY clothesline between two trees, or other structures, just make sure you measure properly and purchase an adequately-sized kit or the proper amount of supplies.

But if you are looking for more specific pulley clothesline kits, consider your options and how they would fit in the space you plan to utilize.

Q: What sort of sizes are available for clothesline kits?

A: We have large and small pulley clothesline kits, with cables, that range from 50 feet in length to over 150 feet. Once again, consider the space you plan on hanging clothes to dry. And our pulley systems come without cables as well.

Q: Are there other options?

A: Of course. Our elevator pole kits are able to move your clothesline up 4 feet and will give you more options as to where a pulley line will work without obstructing a driveway or deck area., but keep in mind when mounting an elevator pole it should be around 5 feet off the ground.