Installing a pulley clothesline system from Skyline Enterprises is quick, easy, and painless. Plus, once installed you know it will last for a long time and help doing laundry easier.

But determining which pulley clothesline kit to go with can be a hang-up.

Once you have decided you want to go with a Skyline Enterprises clothesline, you need to establish how much space you have in your yard and how large your laundry loads are.

Measure how much space you have to work with between those two trees in your backyard, or the distance you have to dig two posts. There are countless options when hanging our Amish clothesline pulleys onto trees, buildings, or posts you set in the ground. But don’t forget to find the ideal spot in your yard for your laundry to get several hours of sunlight (and so your laundry dries the best).

Once you have determined how much space you can dedicate to a clothesline, then it’s time to decide between a large or small kit.

As a general point of reference, our small pulley kits come with cable line up to 200 feet long. This means the greatest distance you can set up your clothesline is 100 feet long. If that is too much space, our small pulley kits come with 150 or 100 feet of line too.

And our large pulley clothesline kits come with up to 300 feet of cable (for clotheslines spanning 150 feet in length).

Once you have established how much space you have to work with — and where the ideal location is to hang your clothes — Skyline Enterprises has the perfect sized kit to fit your needs!