Once you have a clothesline or Amish clothesline pulley installed, the next step is learning how to properly use it. In order to maximize your laundry’s ability to dry, here are some simple steps to follow.

When you remove your clothes from the washing machine, give them a quick and hard shake. This will help to reduce the amount of wrinkles in your clothes once they dry on your clothesline.

Also, once you take your laundry to hang on your clothesline hang them upside down. Any shirts should be clothes-pinned at the bottom, for example, to avoid clothespin marks. If you are hanging pants, they should also be hung upside down because this helps reduce wrinkles.

It’s important to remember to install your clothesline so your laundry can get adequate sunlight. But remember dark colored clothes will fade in direct sun unless you hang them inside out.

By hanging your whites or any items with stains in direct sunlight, you can remove stains easily. The bright sun works as a natural disinfectant and can help your clothes look bright and feel fresh.

And if you have limited space on your clothesline, remember you can hang shirts or other tops on hangers before putting them on your line.

Using your clothesline to air dry laundry outside is a rewarding experience. But in order to get the most out of it, use these simple tips to help get your laundry more clean and dry than ever before!