When it comes to hang drying clothes, it’s natural to ask if there is a “right” or “wrong” way to do so? The simple answer is there’s not. But of course, there’s always more than meets the eye

The average person may say that it’s not hard to hang clothes on a pulley clotheslines while they run off to do the rest of their daily chores. Yet, there is an art to hanging clothes out for air dry laundry.

Here are a few tips on to efficiently hang you r laundry. One simple way to begin properly hang drying your clothing items is to sort them on the dryer or washer. Pull out large items that need air dried such as bed sheets or table clothes and fold them in your basket. This way when it’s time to hang a sheet, you can easily grab it by its four corners and hang it.

Of course, the next natural thing to do is to separate and prepare pairs of pants or jeans, and more loads of t-shirts, hand towels, or any other like groups of items together. When these items are already folded and ready to go, it makes for an easy time hanging clothes on a pulley clothesline or mounted clothesline.

Lastly, socks should be flattened and straightened in the hamper in order to make for a simple hanging process.