Air drying your laundry is obviously the way to go. But as you are deciding which clothesline pulley system to go with, first evaluate your needs in order to pick the right system.

Skyline Enterprises makes two different sized pulley systems — an 8-inch small pulley clothesline kit or the large pulley clothesline kit, equipped with a 12-inch and 16-inch pulley — to meet the needs of modern families of all sizes.

In order to weigh which size pulley to go with first determine the size of your laundry loads, as well as the space you have to work.

The small pulley kit (with the 8-inch pulleys) is best equipped for anywhere from 25-100 feet of cable line available to hang clothes out to dry.

The large pulley kit can accommodate up to 150 feet of clothesline space. Otherwise the two kits — small and large — come with similar features to ensure a quality, low maintenance drying experience, like the non-pinch finger guard and powder coated finish.

In order to determine, consider the length of line you will need and the amount of wind your home gets before deciding on the large or small pulley clothesline kit by Skyline Enterprises.