When it comes to air drying your laundry, you can’t go wrong with a pulley clothesline. But how can you ensure that your new outdoor clothesline will perfectly meet your needs? To get the most out of your pulley clothesline, you should ensure that you purchase the right-sized pulley.

Whether you purchase a small or large pulley will generally depend on your normal laundry habits. A small pulley clothesline kit will use an 8 inch pulley, while a larger kit could use pulleys ranging from 12 to 16 inches. While both systems include similar features like a non-pinch finger guard and a powder coated finish, the difference in size does make a difference.

In general, a small pulley is best suited for a line that has between 25 and 100 feet of available drying area. Larger pulleys, on the other hand, are ideal for lines between 100 and 150 feet in length, as their increased size keeps the top and bottom lines farther apart will decrease the chance of your clothes getting wrapped around the top line when it is windy.

So which pulley clothesline is best? The answer will ultimately depend on the length of your line and how windy it generally is in your location. By knowing how much line space you need, you can get the right pulley to match it.