If you use a clothesline or a pulley clothesline system from Skyline Enterprises you know by now the benefits of line drying your laundry outside.

Between the environmental benefits to the savings on your energy bills, and even including the personal benefits you will see from getting outside, line drying laundry is the way to go.

Yet even if you have been a line-dryer for a while there are ways to get better and maximize the time you have to hang your laundry up to dry.

We could bore you with some fancy math equations regarding the optimal times to hang your laundry up outside, but instead let us boil down to the basic tips you should use in order to become a line drying expert.

When your clothes are hanging outside to dry, there are a few key factors towards getting them to dry the fastest. First, you need the sun to help evaporate the moisture from your laundry. And you also need a light breeze.

So the first tip towards becoming a line drying expert is to maximize your laundry’s exposure to the sun and the breeze. Pay attention to the local weather forecast, position your clothes where they will be hit by the sun the longest, and get your laundry ready to hang up earlier in the day to increase daylight.

You want your clothes to be in the sun for as long as possible, so paying extra attention towards the sun’s position and getting clothes outside early will accomplish that.

And finally, your thicker clothes will take longer to dry outside, so give them the best spot on your line since they need more time outside than thinner items. Also, hang the thicker parts of your clothes at the top of the line so moisture doesn’t collect at the bottom.