Hanging clothes out to dry on a clothesline may seem like a simple enough task. But there’s actually several tips and tricks to make sure your clothes dry properly when out on a clothesline.

First, make sure your laundry gets done in the morning in order to maximize your air drying time. The sun is the primary force behind drying your clothes, along with the day’s breeze. But if you don’t get a chance to hang garments on the clothesline until dusk, you won’t get everything entirely dried.

Also, make sure there is an appropriate amount of space between each item on the clothesline. When clothes and other items on the line are touching each other, they do not have the full amount of sunshine and breeze drying them out. This is especially true for heavier items, like jeans.

Consider hanging clothes on hangers, especially if they will later be hung on a hanger in your closet, to maximize your space.

And lastly, consider the day’s temperature and weather when placing clothes on the clothesline. A rainy day outside may necessitate hanging your clothes inside or may be a day for the dryer.