Winter is right around the corner for those of us living in Northeast Ohio. For many, it may seem like the time to air dry laundry has come and past. But actually, there are still ways to air dry your laundry throughout winter.

One easy tip is to avoid overcrowding your pulley clothesline, Amish clothesline, or any other clothesline system you may use.

It’s easy to fall into the trap and want to put as many clothes as possible on your clothesline. Instead, avoid that temptation and make sure you give your clothes as much space to dry as you can. Remember, clothes need adequate sunshine and breeze to help them dry. Crowding can result in longer dry times and wrinkles.

During the winter months as sunlight is greatly reduced, it’s also important to get the items you need ready beforehand in order to maximize your laundry’s time outside.

Gather together your clothespins or baskets the night before and try to minimize the number of loads you have to carry outside. The less time you spend prepping your laundry, the more time it can spend outside!

Another tip is to bring your load inside once the sun goes down to finish drying.

You can perform a simple test by feeling your laundry. If it feels lighter, you can bring it inside to warm up before folding and putting those items away. If the weather forecast is favorable overnight, you can also opt to leave your laundry outside overnight.

Lastly, don’t forget to put on some gloves or mittens to protect your hands from getting cold while handling damp laundry items. And don’t forget to have a warm coffee or hot chocolate ready for when you get back inside your house!