Clothesline drying has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity as more people have come to recognize the benefits of drying their clothes the natural way. But how can you get the best results when you air dry laundry? The following tips and tricks will help you make the most of your clothesline.

Clothesline Placement: Where’s the best place to put up a clothesline? In general, you should look for an area that gets a good amount of sun for faster drying. Just be sure to avoid areas where birds might perch above your line and get everything dirty!

Wrinkle Free: To reduce wrinkles, shake out clothing before putting it on the clothesline. Hang shirts upside down so that any clothespin marks are less noticeable. Knit shirts should be folded over the clothesline instead of being pinned by corners.

Using Sunlight: Hang white sheets and clothing in direct sunlight for natural bleaching. To ensure that exposure to sunlight doesn’t fade bright or dark-colored clothing, hang it inside out.

Keep it Clean: It’s a good idea to periodically wipe off your clothesline to remove any dust or other debris. If you use wooden clothespins, bring them inside between drying sessions so they don’t get damp or mildewy.