When it comes to hang drying your clothes on a pulley clothesline system, the weather plays a huge factor in your ability to dry your clothes.

Whereas hot temperatures can help dry clothes and laundry faster, humid weather can create a unique set of problems.

Humid conditions can actually hinder your ability to air dry your laundry and even create mildew. Here are some tips to help counter the effects humid weather can have on the clothes hanging from your clothesline.

High humidity actually slows down the process of drying your clothes outside. There is a simple formula to remember — the more water in the air, the less water can be removed from your clothes.

So if your washing machine leaves your clothes soaking wet, a simple solution when you go to place your clothes on the line is to wring them out. Most modern washing machines have a high-spin cycle to help remove excess moisture. But if this is not the case, wringing them out does the same thing.

Make sure you also maximize the space between your laundry in order to ensure proper air flow between them. And if you are stuck in a rainstorm and need to hang your clothes on a rack inside, use a fan to help circulate the air. A proper breeze helps dry your clothes.

And finally, if you are stuck hanging your clothes inside due to extreme humidity invest in a dehumidifier. Even if you just need one for the laundry room, a dehumidifier can help prevent mildew on your clothes by removing excess water from the air. Depending on the size, a dehumidifier can remove 25 pints or more from your air each day.