Of the many components that make up our pulley clothesline kit, line spacers are surprisingly important for how often they are overlooked by most homeowners. After all, a sagging line puts strain on the pulleys and may reduce their lifespan.

Line spacers can be moved along the length of the clotheslines to provide additional support, forming a stable connection between the two lines. More importantly, they keep the two lines of the pulley system spaced evenly apart, preventing a wide range of problems that could occur during windy or rainy weather.

Line spacers are especially valuable on longer lines, where they keep the line from sagging and ensure that clothing doesn’t get tangled together. This way, you can have confidence that your clothes will dry effectively and that your line won’t be whipped out of shape by windy conditions.

Our line spacers are permanently attached to the top line for even greater convenience. This constant availability ensures that you’ll be able to hang up and take down your clothing faster than ever, without